Is Silk Paint Good for Bedroom Walls?

Are you ready to upgrade your bedroom? With a few strokes of paint, you can transform the space into something extraordinary. But is silk paint the right choice?

Flat paint is usually recommended for bedroom walls; however, silk paint is good for children’s bedrooms. It is easy to clean and will provide an extra layer of protection in the event that markers and crayons are used. Unlike glossier paints, it won’t reflect light as much, helping to create a relaxing space.

In this article, you’ll learn about the following:

  • The pros and cons of silk paint
  • How silk paint compares to other finishes
  • What paint finish to use for bedroom trims

4 Benefits of Using Silk Paint in Your Bedroom

For many homeowners, silk isn’t usually the best paint finish for bedrooms, but it does have its benefits. Here is a list of the 4 reasons why you might want to choose it.

Durability and strength 

Silk paint is highly durable, meaning it will last many years without fading or chipping. It also has excellent adhesion properties, so it can be easily applied to any surface without necessarily needing additional primers or sealants. Additionally, its strong and flexible nature makes it resistant to dents and scratches. 

Easy to clean

Silk paint is easy to clean. It can be wiped down with a damp cloth or mild detergent solution. The smooth finish of silk paint also makes it resistant to fingerprints and other marks that can be left on walls after prolonged use.

This finish is perfect for children’s bedrooms, where walls are often subjected to sticky fingers and crayon scribbles.

Moisture resistance

Silk paint is highly resistant to moisture, which makes it suitable for places with high humidity levels. Unlike other finishes, it won’t blister or bubble when exposed to moisture. It also prevents mold and mildew growth, which can be a problem in humid environments.

Wide variety of colors available 

Finally, silk paint offers various colors, so you can customize your bedroom walls. From bold colors to subtle shades, there’s something for everyone when choosing the right color or pattern for your bedroom wall.

4 Drawbacks of Using Silk Paint in Your Bedroom

Despite its many benefits, there are some disadvantages to using silk paint.

Reflectivity issues

Based on personal preference, the high reflectivity of silk paint can be a drawback in some bedroom environments. This is because the high sheen level reflects more light.

Reveals even the tiniest imperfections

The high sheen of the paint also magnifies the smallest imperfections, so if you are looking for a perfectly flat wall, you may be disappointed.

This can be a problem with older walls that have been previously painted, as the paint will often highlight any imperfections in the wall’s surface.

Time-consuming to apply

If not applied properly or not given enough time to dry completely between coats, silk paint can easily streak or run, which can ruin the overall appearance of your wall.


One of the drawbacks of using silk paint is its price. It tends to be more expensive than other types of paints, making it a costly choice for those on a budget.

How Does Silk Paint Compare to Other Finishes?

Flat (matte)

Flat and matte paints are the most affordable option for painting bedroom walls. They offer excellent coverage. However, they can also be easily damaged or chipped, making them less desirable for use in high-traffic bedrooms.

Using flat paint in a bedroom will absorb light rather than reflect it, making it ideal for covering any imperfections or damages on the wall. It provides a muted, more natural finish and is perfect for a low-key and calming room.

In terms of durability, flat paint is not as tough as silk paint and is more prone to damage. However, bedrooms that are not subjected to a lot of wear and tear may be better suited to this type of finish.

Silk finishes tend to be able to tolerate some cleaning due to their higher glossiness, making them easier to maintain over time. 


In terms of appearance, eggshell finishes have a low sheen, while silk finishes have a mid-tier sheen. The cost of eggshell paint is lower than silk paint because it is less expensive to manufacture and produce.

However, using eggshell paint in bedrooms will not be as durable as with higher sheens, such as silk, which makes it more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

Regarding durability, silk paints are much tougher than eggshell paints, withstanding moisture and mold better. However, since bedrooms are typically not subjected to heavy wear and tear, eggshell paints are usually a better choice for bedroom walls.


Although they share some similarities, there are also distinct differences between using silk and satin paint in a bedroom. Satin finishes are comparable to silk but better suited for woodworking applications.

When it comes to durability, both finishes are tough and flexible. Silk does have a slight edge in its resistance to moisture compared to satin paint, although neither is a hundred percent waterproof.

In terms of maintenance, both finishes are easy to clean, but touch-ups are more difficult with silk due to its higher reflective sheen, which can make any imperfections stand out more easily.


Painting a bedroom with semi-gloss paint will provide a high level of sheen. While both finishes can add an elegant touch to any room, semi-gloss will give off more shine than silk paint, which is ideal for rooms that need extra sparkle.

Semi-gloss paint is known for its highly durable characteristics, making it ideal for children’s bedrooms. Silk paint also offers good durability but much less so than semi-gloss since it can become easily damaged if not properly maintained.

Since semi-gloss produces such a shiny finish, the wall must be properly prepared before painting, otherwise flaws will show through once applied.

What Paint Finish Is Best for Trim, Baseboards, Doors, and Casings?

For bedrooms, one of the best finishes for trim, baseboards, doors, and casings is a gloss finish. High-gloss finishes offer optimal durability and protection from liquid spills and other damage.

They also provide an attractive shine that can add depth to your bedroom. When applied correctly, gloss paints are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. The high sheen also helps draw attention to architectural details such as door frames and window casings.

Compared to satin or matte finishes, semi-gloss paint provides better stain resistance while still having the ability to be wiped down easily. The durability of gloss paint makes it ideal for protecting wood surfaces against damage in high-humidity environments like bedrooms.

Additionally, moisture resistance helps protect against mold growth, which can occur in damp spaces. When considering color choices for trim work in a bedroom setting, glossy colors often show bold shades more effectively than other finishes since they reflect light better than other textures.

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